Parallel imports

What is Parallel import?

Parallel import of uniqe cars give you the option to choose your specific preference

What can I get at yours agency?

• Up to 100% financing of the value of the vehicle.
• Each customer has a different repayment ability, you determine how much you will pay each month according to your request.
• Provides a variety of routes and interest rates from the most attractive on the market.

We make sure to work with the leading factors in the Israeli economy to provide advanced financing options, which are updated in accordance with the spirit of the period and the needs of customers.
Today, we provide financing services through non-banking companies, and through the leading banks in Israel.

To enjoy professional and reliable service Roni Motors’ service and sales team is at your disposal with advanced financing options according to your needs,
Contact us today and our representative will be at your service with piety and professionalism.

* The financing is subject to the discretion of the financing body and in accordance with the company’s bylaws.
* Companies may change the terms at any time and without prior notice.

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