Buy a new car ? What you need to know !

UncategorizedBuy a new car ? What you need to know !

There are almost 4 million vehicles on the road in Israel, but do you know how to plan your next car well?

We will put some order in your head and give you deliberate information on the basis of which you will be more complete in the process of purchasing a new car.

How long will the new vehicle be used by me?

Ask yourself how long the vehicle will be used by you and from the answer we will know better which model of car you may purchase.

Are you planning to buy a car that will serve you for many years? Or you love vehicles and ride quality and prefer to renew at a more frequent time.

Of course you have to consider how much you expect to drive on average per year and how much wear and tear is expected on the vehicle.

Significant components in weighting the value of the vehicle when it comes time to sell it,

There are plans to purchase a new vehicle in installments which allow the buyer to pay only the impairment of the vehicle for a set period of time and then upgrade to a newer vehicle.

A popular procedure in the country in recent years as a result of the ability to drive a new and luxurious vehicle in different price ranges depending on the amount of monthly repayment that is convenient for you and also to replace it as soon as there is a good opportunity to upgrade again.

There may be a situation where the buyer makes a regular payment on the vehicle and in practice every two years he upgrades to a newer model, instead of absorbing the depreciation of the old vehicle.

What is the amount to invest in a car each month?

When you buy a car through one of the most common financing programs currently on the market, it is basically a long-term investment that allows the customer a new car under these and other conditions.

The advantage of financing options, which can reach 100% financing of the cost of the vehicle, is the preservation of equity and without initial investment and payment of a monthly repayment over a certain period of time in a manner that matches our financial capabilities,

The financing terms in all price ranges for new vehicles, of course with the customer’s approval, are favorable terms in the interest benefit

Depending on the value of the vehicle and its reliability as a brand new vehicle,

In the reputation of our agency we have established a business and reliable relationship in the process of purchasing the vehicle and so you our customers can

Enjoy these benefits and our close accompaniment until you receive your new vehicle.

How do you know which car is right for you?

The amount of investment in the vehicle is according to our ability to meet the monthly return for the type of vehicle selected, with our guidance you will know the answers to all of these,

The more luxury vehicles and the value of the vehicle, the higher the monthly repayment will be accordingly.

These are just guiding questions and sharing basic information that will help you guide your line of thinking and confidence in choosing a vehicle during the purchase process.

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